Can we understand God?


If we understand Mozart then we can get a broader understanding of the divine. 
And we skip the morality about sexuality and profanity. 

Mozart was such rascal and genius to the same time.

Mozart was obsessed with sex and cracked, dirty, profane jokes, without even thinking of the consequences of his bad behavior…
Even he did openly sex in public toilets… 
There is no ending of his misconducts...  

With 4 years he started to compose, with 7 years he had composed already a complete concert…

Mozart composed also dirty songs, for instance: Leck mir den Arsch Fein recht schön saber. (I refuse to translate)

Can you do such thing?

And he never had corrected any note that he composed.
Mozart could write entire concerts out of his mind, without correcting anything.
Amadeus Mozart was a channel of the Lord…

How does such thing work out…?
If we are totally relaxed and open mind, only then the Lord can choose us as a channel.

What I described in a previous blog, within an instance of a second, I got so deep insights and great solution when I was under the shower.

I had designed the hardware for the satellite navigation system already and the software was missing and I was running out of time… 

Within 3/2 hours I wrote down the complete program in Assembler (microprocessor language) just so. For that task I would normally need 6 weeks… 
For sure, I had to correct this program, because I am not a genius… 

At this time, I had also an awesome sexual life, that made me so relaxed… 

I lived for 10 years in an Ashram and watched the absurdity of a perverse system…
To create so many rules to live in chastity (abstinence…) a religious life…
So, more rules so more the rules were broken, at the end who cared/cares in an ashram, monastery for rules? 
The Guru/Abbot looks that his disciples keep the rules and he/she is breaking the rules/morality by him/herself.

Morality is for the others, never for yourself. (Oscar Wild)

When I was attending a worship of God in an African church, then Jesus was coming.
Did we chase purity? 
We were dancing and singing the praise of the Lord like crazy.
The priest was yelling and even rolling on the ground when he broke out in anger…
Such madness and divine…
The church was filled with so much spirituality, that Jesus had to come.

And that should happen in every church or temple.

A religious system that is obsessed with absurd rules will never connect to the Lord/divine, even more it will prevent love and spirituality...

And we can watch the religious fanaticism, that kills/killed so many people…
For what are the Religions good for? 

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