Ecstasy and torture


Centuries ago, Ecstasy was defined as an out-of-body experience with bliss… 

How to get in that Ecstasy? 

If we use certain mystical methods, that open up the meridians to release the soul or the energy, we go in Ecstasy. These methods for getting an Ecstasy are painful or exhaustive or both. 

All religions have designed methods or techniques to get that out-of-body experience with huge bliss, which we define as Ecstasy…

When I have read the book Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho, 
I stumbled over ecstasy through torture by a domino… 

In the middle age, the worldly people have designed torture with sex (torture with domino) that gave them an Ecstasy and until today it is practiced. - An interview at the end of the blog.

I am well educated in Asian techniques to go in Ecstasy… 
But I will not go into details because it is too dangerous to practice alone without a guide that is well trained in those techniques… 

If we avoid pain, we avoid life!

Centuries ago, we had torture, today we have a dentist… 
And in the last 20 years, all patients wanted the pain killer for tooth treatments and could not understand, that we make through pain killer our body weak and slow down the healing…

The Asian techniques for Ecstasy are based on the science of our energy system… 
If we open up the meridians or at least one chakra, the best is the sex chakra, the energy is running through our body in a so big way that we cannot hold anymore the wrong identification with the body…

And for that have the Yoga and Qigong designed techniques, that are very exhaustive and you go through the feeling that you die. It is hard! 

Read “Siddhartha” by Hermann Hesse.

The fakir who enjoys lying on the nail bed has created different methods that are very painful… 

In the middle-age the Christian monks have beaten up a person in an artful way until the person didn’t want to feel the pain anymore, so he got an out-of-the-body experience…

Sexual arousal through pain.

“The experience of pain really helps me break down barriers,” explains Christina. “It cannot be ignored. It keeps me very, very present and connected to my partner. I'm sure people have all sorts of psychological explanations for it — upbringing, environment, endorphins (there's no denying the endorphin high that can be achieved after an intense session of pain play) — but I think some people are just hard-wired for it.”

Like Lady Katrina, 34-year-old Atheris remembers torturing her stuffed animals when she was 4 or 5. By the time she was a teen, she was writing hard-core S/M stories. Now she works as a professional dome, and play includes electric toys, needles, whips, floggers, clamps, canes, dildos, strap-ons, wax, and piercing; she also co-stars in Our Friend the Volt, which she assures is more about involuntary muscle contractions and instant tingling orgasms than pain or torture. Still…

“That feeling of being able to torture a willing victim really gets me going,” says Atheris. “I don't exactly know why I get sexually aroused by inflicting pain, but I do. And always have.”

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