Communication without words


In relationships, we all see again and again meaningless communication about something else, and that doesn’t matter. Instead to connect with the feelings and to speak honesty what is inside.

Why we can’t communicate, for instance, a child is sad, and the Mother asked why you are said. The child doesn’t know, and then the mother remembered that the feelings of the child were effected from the parting of its friend. The Mother said: common, you will see your friend in one week again and the kid is crying. After some time it is happy again.

And so it is always with everybody, our feelings had been influenced by a situation some time ago, and we don’t realize that. Afterward, somebody is coming and we get very fast upset for a meaningless thing, because we had been already upset.

If we would check first the mood and the feelings of our partner/spouse/friend before we start to speak, communication would be much different.

 In  a loving relationship it is crucial to check first the feelings of our darling and try to speak as less as possible. Why? Our darling is so identified with us, that our darling can interpret everything wrong because of fear to lose us.

For instance I got a card from my darling, many years ago, and the first time I read it, I interpreted every sentence wrong. My feelings got steered up and I decided to read the card again when I had calmed down. Actually, I could not read her hand writing, and then my mind had made up some stupid things.

The best would be, if everybody will check contiguously his/her feelings instead of pretending that everything is good. Authenticity is what matters and not some faked good feelings. Because our suppressed negative feelings are getting piled up and at the most inopportune time they explode. For what?

Do you like to see on the stage, somebody is faking good feelings or do you love more the style of  T. Harv. Eckert/ Antonie Robbins how they  express  there feelings in order that every sentence sounds different and is easier to memorize. Today on the stage is counting  authenticity for the credibility. If this is so, why we can’t be authentic in daily life?

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